How to Personalize your Golf Cart

You might think that once you have bought a golf cart, it will stay the same forever. But, the truth is there are many features you can add in order to have a custom golf cart. Check out some of these add-on features that can make your new or used golf cart turn some heads and look better than ever.

camo paint topHave you ever thought of using your golf cart for hunting? Well, it is possible to do so with some camouflage. Instead of walking miles around the forest, you can simply take your golf cart and explore those places you thought you could not reach walking. Tires, the steering wheel, the seat, and more, can be covered with camouflage for a better hunting experience.

If you are not a big fan of hunting, or for that matter, camouflage, you can get your golf cart a different type of paint job. Black and white can get boring so you can choose whatever color or design you would like to have. Also, you can add alloy wheels to stand out even more in the crowd.

Safety comes first. If your golf cart still doesn’t have headlights, taillights, or turn signals, you have the chance to do so. Aside from giving the cart a fancier look, lights are necessary to avoid accidents. Because these are smaller than other cars, they can be unnoticed by other drivers; which, in turn, might cause a crash. As well, they are important to have a better vision in fog, on cloudy days, at dawn, and more.

Furthermore, when it comes to safety, windshields are essential too. Some random flying golf balls can come directly to your golf cart and windshields can lower the impact of the ball. Also, windshields are excellent to have a peaceful course during days with cool weather, when the wind can bring bad consequences to you. If visibility is a concern, these windshields come with a horizontal latch that you can regulate to get the best vision possible.

Just because it is a golf cart doesn’t mean you have to travel in silent. To have an even better experience, you can include your overhead audio system, which can allow you to play your favorite songs. You can listen to them through radio, a CD player, or MP3 player.

All those features are fantastic for the exterior and interior of the golf cart; however, you should also take into consideration the motor. As a safety standard, golf carts come with a speed regulator which makes them slow; but, if you drive your golf cart in other places aside a golf field, an upgraded motor is especially important. Outside the golf course, you might want to move quicker and have more torque; which can be achieved by changing the motor according to the specifications you want or need.


If you wish to enhance your golf cart or are looking to buy a golf cart, Carolina Golf Cars can help you. They have all parts and accessories needed to give it that custom touch you have always wanted.

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